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Wet look

The wet look has been seen spotted on several runways this season and a look that we did for Fashion Week in Paris. It’s a versatile trend that can be worn however. As long as the hair looks wet, it doesn’t matter if it’s worn down, in a bun or as a messy braid.

The Pixie Cut 

This season the modern version of the classic Pixie is a huge trend. A feminine and easy to style look that’s also very easy to love. 

The Mixie

The Mixie cut is a playful and edgy look, we like to call it the lovechild of the classic Pixie cut and the Mullet. Significant for the Mixie is the shorter front and the longer lengths in the back, although there are countless different ways that you can wear it. 

Strawberry Blonde

Light copper hair is a color trend that we will see a lot of in 2023. A sophisticated, warm and stunning shade. 

Textured Brunette

A deep brunette color that can softly fade into a slightly softer shade or tone. Perfect for spring and summer as the sun can help enhance the fading of the color. 

Lively Pastel

A fun range of colors that can be applied all in pieces throughout the hair or all over. Blue, purple, pink, orange or green, whatever color you choose can be softened into a beautiful pastel tone.

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