SINCE 1963

In 1963, Björn Axén just returned from Paris where he had been taught by the legendary hairdresser Monsieur Alexandre. Full of knowledge, creativity and inspiration he decided to bring some of the Parisian glamour back to Stockholm and opened his first salon. A decision that came to raise the profile of the hairdressing profession in Scandinavia. Setting a high standard that our brand is still associated with today.

The first Björn Axén products were launched in 1984 and the same year Björn was awarded the Royal warrant to The Court of Sweden. Today we still deliver hairdressing services to The Royal Court of Sweden, as well as to the Swedish market and hair products globally. Innovation, sustainability and quality are our three guiding principles, followed throughout our entire chain of production as we set high standards for both our products and distribution. Guiding principles which we believe are reflected in our success.