Where are your products manufactured?

The majority of our products are manufactured in Sweden. However, to ensure quality and maintain a consistent price level we also collaborate with a few select manufacturers in Europe and Asia.

Are your products tested on animals?

No! None of Björn Axén's products are tested on animals. 

Are your products vegan?

All Björn Axén products are vegan, except for our waxes, which contain beeswax.

Should I apply conditioner only to the lengths of my hair?

At Björn Axén, we encourage you to use conditioner both on the lengths of your hair – and on your scalp. The skin on your scalp needs moisture after shampooing, the same way the skin on your face needs moisture after cleansing.

Why do you recommend shampooing my hair at least twice when I wash it?

To get your hair truly clean, you should shampoo it at least twice until you achieve a rich lather. By doing so, you effectively remove all impurities and product residue from your hair and scalp.

Do your products expire?

The shelf life of our products is 12 months from the day the product was opened. The expiration date for unopened products is 3 years, calculated from the production date.

Can I mix products from different series?

Yes. If you have different hair concerns, feel free to mix and match products from different Björn Axén series to create a customized hair care routine that's perfect for your specific needs.

Can I use Björn Axén products on my extensions?

Our products are gentle, but we cannot guarantee how your extensions may react with our products. Contact your hairdresser for advice about the products that are best to use with your particular extensions.

Are dandruff and a dry scalp the same thing?

No, they are not. Many people confuse a dry scalp with dandruff and immediately start using strong anti-dandruff products on their scalp, which sometimes causes more damage than good. Flaking is very often a sign of a dry scalp in need of extra care and moisture. Our Moisture series will perfectly moisturize your scalp and balance it.

Can I damage my hair by washing it too often?

No, not if you use high quality products – then washing your hair often, even every day, will not risk damaging your hair or scalp. Washing your hair every day is actually recommended if you have an oily scalp or lead an active lifestyle – for example, if you workout often.

What’s the best way to protect my hair when I use heat styling tools?

We always recommend applying heat protection before using heated tools to style your hair, to protect your hair in the best way possible. Our Heat Styling Protection spray protects hair at temperatures up to 220 °C! If your styling tool has a temperature control – be sure to adjust it and try not use a higher temperature than necessary.

Are silicones bad for my hair?

No, non-cyclic silicones are not bad for your hair. The silicones we use in our products are easy to wash off and make hair shinier, smoother and easier to detangle. Hence, they play an important part in the products.