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What happens to hair if it’s mistreated? How do you prevent damage, and is it possible to repair already damaged hair? At Björn Axén we have put all our expereinces and expertise into a solution that will repair damaged hair – our Hair Rehab. This is a service tailored to each individual, where our hairdresser educates the customer about how to repair and revitalize damaged hair and how to prevent future damage. The hairdresser also performs a thorough, personalized salon treatment that repairs the hair and leaves it in much-improved condition.

“We’ve noticed a need for this type of service. Many customers don’t know what to do to achieve damage-free, healthy hair. And it’s difficult for a hairdresser to provide all the information and treatment needed during a normal haircut appointment. Hair Rehab is similar to a classic facial, but for the hair. And during the session, the customer receives a great deal of expert knowledge and instruction. Taking care of your hair and scalp in the right way, with the right products, is just as important as taking care of your skin,” explains Johan Hellström, hairdresser and Owner & CEO of Björn Axén.

Hair Rehab consists of five steps. It starts with a consultation that sets the framework for the Hair Rehab session. Then, a custom deep cleansing will be applied to your hair followed by a custom treatment designed to cater to your specific hair status and needs, and finishing with a scalp massage to stimulate blood circulation. The Hair Rehab session ends with styling, where the hairdresser will teach you how to style your hair in a way that minimizes damage.

You will leave a Hair Rehab session at Björn Axén with healthier and more beautiful hair – and with the knowledge of how to maintain that hair quality yourself.

Hair Rehab is available at all Björn Axén salons

Price: 1200 kronor

The price includes three products from the Björn Axén product range that together create a good base for your personal hair care routine.

Contact us at Björn Axén for more information and to book a Hair Rehab session.