The 60th anniversary of Björn Axén!

We’re celebrating 60 years in business. Here, our CEO and owner, Johan Hellström, tells us about the company's history and what the future holds for the Björn Axén brand.

Photo: Tobias Regell

Hi Johan! This year, Björn Axén is celebrating 60 years in business. Can you tell us something about how the company started and developed over these 60 years?

It all started when Björn Axén, an ambitious young man from Lidköping, Sweden moved to Paris to learn hairdressing from the legendary teachers there. He returned to Sweden and laid the foundation for what would become a hair empire like no other.

When Björn passed away suddenly in 1993, I inherited the company. I worked together with my colleague and friend Peter Hägelstam to get the then-faltering business back on its feet – and we managed, against all odds. Since then, we’ve grown the business into the success it is today – Björn Axén has four salons, over 30 million products sold and a presence in 16 markets, with more markets on the way.

Where do you find inspiration for Björn Axén's products?

From meeting our customers! In our salons, we perform over 80,000 treatments per year. Our 100 hairdressers meet customers daily and gather knowledge. Experience that we can take into our product development process. Our product philosophy is based on "all three are key", and by that we mean that we have a focus on both product function, the planet and people when we develop our products.

What does the future hold for Björn Axén?

Hair is one of the fastest growing categories in the beauty sector and we can see an increased interest among consumers, which is incredibly inspiring! We’ve also started on a very exciting expansion journey – today we’re in 16 countries, with more countries in the start-up phase.

We’re driven by a passion for what we do and by a deep commitment to deliver a high-quality experience to our customers, regardless of whether they meet us at our salons or buy our products.

This year you will also be celebrating 30 years as the primary owner of Björn Axén. What’s the best thing about running a hair care brand like Björn Axén?

Björn once said, ‘If you feel good, you become strong!’ I agree with this, totally. When a client walks out of the salon looking taller and wearing a smile on their face, I feel elated. It means so much to me.

I also have the opportunity to build the company, work with product development and open up new markets for the Björn Axén brand, which is my baby and my life.