Sarah Sjöström shares her best hacks for a great looking hair

Sarah Sjöström is one of the world’s most prominent swimmers. She is currently the holder of four world records and a winner of several World- and European Championship gold medals.

How important is an active lifestyle to you and do you experience any negative impact on your well-being when you haven’t exercised for a while?

I’m a professional athlete and swimming is my job, therefore it’s of course important for me to live an active life and what I prioritize doing with my time. It’s very rare that I go long periods without swimming or exercising, but when I do, I obviously feel a difference. I’ve basically been active all my life so that’s what my body is used to and what makes me feel good.


You are constantly in water and in a lot of chlorine. What impact does this have on your hair?

I actually haven’t noticed chlorine negatively impacting my hair as I don’t have any major problems with it. My only concern is that it’s dry sometimes. Although, as I’ve been swimming since I was 10 years old I don’t have anything to compare with, but I have very thick hair and many can’t believe that I’m a swimmer when they see it.

"There are times when I don’t feel like investing 110% into my training, but I must. I believe that one can only achieve good results by being well prepared and it´s the payoff from my hard work that motivates me to give my all".


Do you find your hair color changing or fading after you´ve swum in chlorinated water?

No, I haven’t experienced my hair color fading and the reason as to why can be because I use a color-preserving shampoo that I like. I usually have quite bleached hair and like it very light. Therefore, I’m not pleased when my hair turns yellowish after a while. To keep my hair color the way I like it, I usually use a silver conditioner that helps a lot.


You mentioned that your hair is dry from time to time. Do you use hair masks to boost your hair? 

Yes, my hair is sometimes dry and especially when I’ve exposed it to many temperature changes. For example, from being outdoors, in the water and then in the sauna. My hairdresser won’t be pleased reading this (haha), but I don’t use hair masks as often as I probably should. Especially considering that I notice a huge difference once I do.

What is your best hair hack?

A useful hair hack that I can share is to apply a hair mask before working out. This will allow it to sit during your workout, giving the mask extra time to add nourishment to your hair. This is what I do some days when I have a hectic schedule. I usually apply the hair mask immediately after swimming and let it sit during my gym session. This works great for me!


How do you prefer styling your hair?

Professional athletes usually don’t mind that their hair isn’t beautiful all the time. As I live a very active lifestyle, I don’t always find the time or energy to style my hair after every workout session. Therefore, it’s important to me that my hair is healthy so that it looks good, even when it’s set in a simple ponytail

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