Life at Björn Axén – Iman Blomsterson, Top Stylist

What is the most common question your customers usually ask?
It's probably what I would do to their hair if I was completely free to decide. When I’m asked that question, I usually start out by asking the customer to describe his/her dream hair. We then work together to achieve it by doing a thorough consultation to find out more about the customer's hair care routine. The consultation also includes finding out what the customer already likes about his/her hair and discussing what I can do to make it even more beautiful.

What is the most common mistake many of your customers make?
The most common mistake that they make is letting their hair airdry far too often and washing it at the wrong time. For example, when my customers wash their hair in the evening and let it dry during the night, or in the mornings when they’re in a hurry and allow their hair to slowly dry in a tight knot.
I usually say that water is your hair's worse enemy as it has a pH value of 7. Since the hair and scalp prefer a pH value around 4.5-5.5, water disturbs the pH balance. Due to this, and the fact that water has a drying effect, you should preferably avoid letting your hair airdry or wash it too often. In a worst case scenario, it can lead to damaged hair and problems with dandruff.
My tip is to wash your hair when you know that you have time to dry and take care of it properly. Wash it using hair care products suited to your needs and always finish off by using conditioner! Also, make sure to use a nourishing hair mask about every 4th wash.


Which Björn Axén product is your favorite?
I love Repair Anti Break Treatment. It’s a product with light texture, but at the same time it’s incredibly powerful. It really does repair the hair, prevents split ends and contains heat protection. A must have for all hair types!

How should you take care of your hair during the summertime?
Spending time in the sun can be amazing but unfortunately the sun rays can be just as harmful to your hair as it is to your skin. Therefore, it’s important that you use products with UV protection which help to prevent the sun rays from damaging your hair.
In the summer, it’s also important to use products that deeply moisturize your hair. For example, an extra moisturizing conditioner and hair mask. Make sure to use such products more often than usual in the summer as your hair is in extra need of hydration. A tip is to also use nourishing leave-in products and heat protection. By doing so, you will help both your hair and scalp to stay healthy.
And once again make sure that you dry your hair properly after swimming or washing it, except if you have curly hair that preferably should be allowed to airdry. In that case, it’s even more important that you use nourishing leave-in products that moisturize your strands and adds elasticity to your curls.


Your best tip for a stylish summer look?
My best tip is to work with what you already have, take advantage of your hair's natural fall and texture. You can achieve a lot only using a good dry shampoo or texture spray, a regular scrunchie and a few hairpins. Twist or braid your hair and put it up, either completely or halfway. Then add some wildflowers, preferably with leaves, and attach them using the hairpins. This will help you create a beautiful and stylish summer look!

Name: Iman Blomsterson

Age: 37 

Title: Top Stylist

Salon: Birger Jarlsgatan 33

Book: Here

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