How to get a beautiful and healthy summer hair

Top up with heat and UV protection

Many people follow a skin care routine where they wash, moisturize and protect their skin from the sun. But unfortunately, many forget to take care of their hair and scalp in the same way. Our advice is to moisturize and protect your hair before going out in the sun, by doing so you will maintain a healthy and beautiful hair.

The Argan Oli Mist is a nourishing lightweight spray enriched with organic argan oil that makes the hair shiny and smooth. An oil that suits everyone and provides heat protection while leaving the strands hydrated. Combine the mist with The Leave In Cream, a hair mask that both repairs and strengthens your hair for even better protection. By doing so you will prevent the sun's rays and other factors from drying out and damaging your hair.

What to think about when you’re in the sun

Remember to wear a sun hat or a scarf to protect your hair when you’re out in the sun. You should also avoid wetting your hair every time you go for a swim to maintain a fresh looking hair color. But once you have soaked it, it’s important to keep in mind that your hair is more delicate when wet. In worst case, it can break if you brush too hard or put your hair in a tight knot before it has dried. Therefore, you should be extra careful with how you treat it, so that you don’t damage your strands.

If you can’t stand tangled hair after swimming, our tip is to gently brush through your hair using a specially designed brush. Start by spraying a little The Argan Oil Mist to make your hair easier to sort out and then use our Wet Hair Brush Detangling & Blowout to brush it out. Remember to be easy on your hand, start by brushing from the ends and then gently work your way up towards the roots.

When washing your hair 

Many people long to wash their hair after a long day at the beach. When doing so, remember to shampoo your hair twice. The first time you remove the dirt on the surface and the second time your deep cleansing your hair and scalp, ensuring that these areas are properly cleaned.

When washing your hair during the summer, our best tip is to replace your conditioner with a moisturizing and nourishing hair mask. This will provide your hair with the boost and protection it needs to stay healthy throughout the entire season. Although, remember to towel dry your hair before applying the hair mask, otherwise most of the product will only stay on the outside of your strands.

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