Embrace your natural curls

Curls, curls, curls… we simply can’t get enough of them! Embrace your natural curls and take care of your hair in the best possible way. We’ve listed our top three tips on how to enhance and maintain your natural curls, creating a beautiful look.  

1. Use haircare products that boost your curls
The quality of curly hair can vary a lot, but regardless of this, dryness is significant for texturized hair. Moisturizing haircare products are important to maintain healthy looking and bouncy curls. Therefore, it’s essential to use hydrating shampoos and conditioners, as well as moisturizing hair masks regularly. 

Curl activating leave-in creams and hair oils help to further enhance your curls! When applying, it’s important to do so in damp hair. Massaging the products evenly throughout the hair to achieve a long-lasting result. 

Recommended products: 

Argan Oil Shampoo – 190 sek / 250ml

Argan Oil Conditioner – 190 sek / 250ml

Hair Oil Smooth & Shine – 200 sek / 75ml

Curl Creator Cream – 190 sek / 150ml


2. Dry your hair correctly 
Be cautious when drying your curls by making sure that you only blow dry your hair using a diffuser. The diffuser is a helpful tool that will help you maintain bouncy curls. This eliminates issues concerning blow drying your hair too heavily, leaving your hair straightened as a result of your curls being pulled out. When dry, give your curls an extra raise by gently lifting them up with your fingers and spraying some hairspray. This will add more volume to your hair, giving it a playful look.  


Recommended products: 

Ultimate Experience Hair Dryer – 2099 sek 

Fixing Hairspray – 150 sek / 250 ml 

3. Add moisture to make your curls last longer 
Moisture is a curly hair’s best friend! A simple hack, allowing you to maintain fabulous looking curls for longer, is to moisturize your hair using a spray bottle. Spray water all over your hair until it’s damp, then apply a curl activating leave-in cream and some hair oil. This is an easy way to enhance your curls and re-boost your hair in the mornings! 


Recommended products: 

Curl Creator Cream – 190 sek / 150ml

Signature The Argan Oil Mist – 360 sek / 125 ml

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