Get rid of dry and frizzy hair

Are you experiencing issues with dry and frizzy hair? Then your hair is definitely in need of some extra moisture! But don’t worry, we’ll help you overcome these issues by helping you to choose the right hair care products for your hair type.

Many people are experiencing problems with dry hair. A problem that often leads to issues with frizzy hair since the strand's protective outer layer (cuticle) is lifted in order to allow moisture to enter the hair. There are several reasons why many lack moisture, three common reasons are due to hair type, weather conditions and overusing heated styling tools. But whatever the reason, it’s possible to treat the problem with the help of the right hair care products, especially products that contain nourishing argan oil.


Argan oil contains essential vitamins and fatty acids, for example omega-3,6 and 9 as well as vitamin E which moisturizes, softens and strengthens the hair. An effective way to improve your hair quality while preventing frizz. But it’s important to keep in mind that different hair types can only handle certain amounts of argan oil. For instance, thinner hair doesn’t need as large amount since it otherwise can weigh down the hair.


For thinner hair, we recommend products from our series Repair which are enriched with organic argan oil as well as minerals and proteins from the sea that strengthens, rebuilds and moisturizes the hair. Our Argan Oil series is mainly suitable for coarse, dry, damaged and curly hair that’s in need of some extra moisture and care. A sulfate-free and gentle hair care series enriched with organic argan oil and vegan keratin that nourishes, strengthens and softens both the hair and scalp.


Five things to think about to get rid of frizzy hair:

1.   Choose shampoo and conditioner suited for your hair type
2.     Don’t forget to apply conditioner all the way into your scalp.
3.   Boost your hair with a moisturizing mask about once a week
4.   Treat your hair with a softening and moisturizing hair oil.
5.   Don’t wash your hair with too hot water as it makes your hair frizzier.

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