Björn Axén x Iris van Herpen – The Met Gala 2022

Björn Axén and Iris van Herpen are pleased to announce yet another creative collaboration. What started out as a collaboration regarding Björn Axén styling the hair of selected guests attending The Met Gala, in Iris van Herpen’s garments, resulted in The Quantum Jumpsuit. A full look worn and partly inspired by Fredrik Robertsson, creative director at Björn Axén.


– I’m both happy and proud to work with Iris van Herpen once again. In my opinion, she is one of the most talented and innovative fashion designers today because her creations and patterns are unique in every way. We are both nerds when it comes to the craftsmanship in our respective areas of work, and I think that’s why we work so well together. It has been three years since our first collaboration, and I’m glad that she wanted to create a look partly inspired by hair for Fredrik and The Met Gala 2022, says Johan Hellström, owner and CEO of Björn Axén.


Fredrik’s gender fluid dressing and how he transforms himself through fashion, hair and beauty are among the things that inspired the Dutch designer when creating The Quantum Jumpsuit. She was also inso inspired by the common and artistic craftsmanship behind both haute couture fashion and hairdressing at its highest level. This is what Iris van Herpen has to say about the look and the inspiration behind it:


– The Quantum Jumpsuit has been inspired by my conversations with Fredrik and his gender fluid dressing. I wanted to embrace Fredrik’s ongoing personal transformation and create an extravagant and expressive look for The Met Gala 2022. A futuristic and feathery look moving away from what’s safe, playing with both feminine and masculine features. Designing for a man at the Met Gala is exciting as it’s almost like a blank canvas for innovative couture, there hasn’t been much done before.


The sustainable look is made from upcycled fabric, which has been digitally printed and heat-bonded to recycled Mylar. The panels have then been laser cut into springing feathers, to resemble the movement of hair, which have been carefully balanced and hand stitched onto beige tulle. The associated trousers are made from a custom gradient dyed sandwiched silk. In total, the entire process has taken approximately 750 hours and required a team of 12 people.


“It has been a long and detailed process to create and achieve this look. It’s finally completed, and I couldn’t be more impressed by what Iris and her team have created! I think that the garment really has captured the essence of gender fluidity while merging fashion and hairdressing, highlighting the craftsmanship behind both professions.”

– Fredrik Robertsson

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