Stéphane Rolland haute couture SS24

In the dazzling world of haute couture fashion, the runway is where creativity and craftsmanship collide to create a spectacle that captivates audiences worldwide. However, the true magic of a fashion show unfolds behind the scenes, where an intricate dance of designers, models and stylists work tirelessly to bring visions to life. Join us backstage at Stéphane Rolland's show at Salle Pleyel during haute couture week in Paris.



The inspiration for Stéphanes collection this year was the dunes of the desert where he wanted to evoke a serene atmosphere and visionary of nomads of tomorrow. In the design you could find sculptural and organic pieces, long caftans and taupe colors. Curvaceous silhouettes represented the dunes and the show was also accompanied with the French-Lebanese trumpeter Ibrahim Maalouf. 

Backstage it is a world unto itself – a convergence of artistic expression, meticulous planning, and the sheer adrenaline that accompanies the live performance aspect of presenting a designer's collection. High quality products is essential to create stunning hairstyles and make them last. Our family of hairsprays are like magic wands to sculpt and secure the elaborate hairstyles that complement the designer's vision. 

As always, our team of hairdressers is led by owners and royal hairdressers Johan Hellström and Peter Hägelstam. They work closely with Stéphane and his team months before the show and the brief is to create something extraordinary with elements and inspiration from the collection that will enhance the look and details in the design.

As the last model disappears behind the curtain, the backstage atmosphere undergoes a transformation of its own. A mix of relief and exhilaration permeates the air as the collaborative efforts of the entire team culminate in a successful show.

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