Joanna Swica about combining an active lifestyle with personal style

Joanna Swica is an inspiring training profile who came second in last year's Robinson. She’s a passionate believer in staying active and found her way back to living an active lifestyle when she started exercising again after a long break from horseback riding. A decision that has developed into a successful career focusing on an active lifestyle. Today she runs an Instagram account with over 60,000 followers and a podcast together with Maya Parnevik. 


Name: Joanna Swica 

Age: 34 

Instagram: @joannaswica

Podd: @afterworkoutpodden

Hairdresser: Mahbobeh, Norrlandsgatan 7

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What does an active lifestyle mean to you?

To me, it's about being versatile and enduring. I want to be able to run a marathon at the weekend, and then being able to lift my own body weight and ski the week after. I want to feel capable and strong. Therefore, exercise is so much more to me than just 45 minutes of movement a day.


How would you describe your personal style, and do you adapt your hairstyle to your lifestyle?

I express myself according to how I feel and where I’m at in life. The ways I express myself are through my clothes, make-up and hair. I vary between different hairstyles, and I would say that my hair is a central part of my style and who I am. I don't believe that you can’t have a certain hairstyle because you exercise. There are no rules, there’s only time and interest!


Is the color and quality of your hair affected by the many showers due to your frequent training?

It affected my hair in the beginning, but not nowadays. I’ve learnt to take care of my hair with good products and regular visits to my hairdresser at Björn Axén, which have made a difference.


What is your worst "hair experience"?

I went to a hairdresser a couple of years ago and she dyed my hair yellow. It was horrible! From that experience I learned that it’s important to speak up. If you leave dissatisfied without saying anything, then unfortunately you have yourself to blame.


Is there any hairstyle that you would like to try but still haven’t?

I want to try having really long hair. I've had it before, but it's so long time ago that I can barely remember what it was like. Come to think of it, I’ve already tried most hairstyles.


What hair products do you pack in your gym bag?

Björn Axén Sport, without a doubt. 


What would you miss if you were stuck on a desert island?

The visits to my hairdresser Mahbobeh. She's AMAZING!



I get so many comments from people who want to try something new with their hair, but for some reason haven't. JUST DO IT! It's only hair. Don’t be afraid of change!



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