Main sponsor of the Rainbow Fund

We are proud to announce that we are the main sponsor of the Rainbow Fund. The foundation’s purpose is to help LGBTQ organizations and individuals around the world, preventing them from being discriminated, persecuted and killed. The much needed help mainly goes to countries where rainbow people still are being harassed by authorities, police and religious institutions. By providing financial support to organizations and projects in these countries, the Rainbow Fund aims to ensure that rainbow people all over the world have full human liberties and democratic rights.

 –      We support the Rainbow Fund because we believe that everyone is entitled to love whomever they want. Respect is our core value here at Björn Axen, no matter religious beliefs, where you come from or who you love. By supporting the Rainbow Fund, we contribute to their important work for human rights. An action we are proud of, and we hope that more people will contribute, says Johan Hellström, owner and CEO of Björn Axén.

Help us create a world where all people have the same basic rights and freedoms, regardless of sexual orientation and gender identity. In favor of the Rainbow Fund, we now provide our customers the option to round up their purchases in our salons. The money goes directly to the foundation, supporting their important and life saving mission. 

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