Hair trends for fall and winter 2023

As one of the top premium salons in Sweden and partner to several fashion designers during international events we are always looking for new trends and inspiration when it comes to haircuts, colors and stylings. Our Artistic Director Jack Lawrence have collected some of the latest trends for this coming fall and winter season.


It should not be a shock to anyone that the chin length bob is trending for the coming season. When Hailey Bieber cut her bob, it seems to have captured what many people want with this classic and effortless hairstyle. It’s a great cut if you want to air dry and go or simply slick it back off your face. This is the look you should go for if you want a new and fresh chop for fall.




Copper officially continues to be one of the most demanded hair color trends for this fall. A warm and vibrant shade that is sweeping through Hollywood and seen on celebs such as Kendall Jenner and Zendaya. Copper is a versatile color and works for any season. It can be bright and bold during summer, or deep and rich for the cooler months. This color also have relatively low maintenance compared to other hair colors and because of it's a warm tone, it fades naturally over time.




Fringe is one of the easiest ways to cut your hair and get a new look. It’s also one of the few ways you can use your hair to noticeably change the shape of your face. For this fall we predict more of the softer cropped fringes, for example the classic curtain fringe. If you are looking or a more layered and featherier look you could also go with the butterfly fringe to add movement and volume to your face frame. Or why not try the soft detangling fringe to create diagonal lines and soften the lines on your face?




The iconic Wall Street look from the 80s will never grow old and we predict this cut to be worn even more going forward. Christian Bale’s haircut in American Psycho fits with almost any hair textures but if you have short hair, we suggest to wait a little bit more to style your hair backward to your head properly. To maintain the look, regular trims and high-quality styling products are key. These things will help to keep the hair at the right length, prevent split ends, and keep the hair looking healthy and shiny.


Last season we talked a lot about the versatile wet hair look which can be worn in several ways, as long as the hair looks wet. For this fall one of our favorites styles is the one we call wet and flipped. This styling is a mix of the wet hair look and the classic Hollywood-inspired flipped hairstyle that was worn a lot in the ’60s. The wet and flipped it’s an elegant look that suits short to mid length hair. A great styling if you are going for bare shoulders.


After years of middle partings dominating the hair scene, it’s finally time for the official come back of side parting. Except being flattering on everyone, it also pairs well with almost any hairstyles—waves, curls, braids, and even bobs. With that said, now is the time to finally consider flipping your hair onto the side. For this fall we are mainly attracted by the dramatic side parts with a sleeker look.



Hair accessories is a great way to update your styling and add a touch of flair to your hair. Our go-to-accesories for this fall is the classic silk ribbon. Wear it around a ponytail or a bun to create a dreamy and cinematic vibe. If you want to achieve a sportier and chicer look, you can use an elastic band and wrap it around your ponytail.

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