The magical trio

It's easier than you might think to succeed when creating the ultimate New Year's look. The hack is to use styling products that help you better achieve the result that you're going for. Here are three of our favorite products that both protect and revive your hair, while helping you to maintain the look the entire New Year's Eve.

Heat protection

Regardless of the look that you’re going for, it’s important to always use a heat protectant if you’re going to use heated styling tools such as a hair dryer, curling iron or a straightener. Heat Styling Protection is a light hold heat-protecting spray that cares for your hair while protecting it up to 220 degrees. We recommend you to apply it in damp hair since it makes it much easier to distribute the product evenly, providing your hair with better protection.

Volumizing Mousse

If your hair is in need of a volume boost, we recommend you using Volume Mousse. A volumizing mousse with light hold, enriched with nourishing provitamin B5 and wheat protein which leaves your hair both looking and feeling fuller. It’s important that you remember to only apply the mousse on the roots and that you avoid applying it on the lengths. If you apply it all over the hair, there’s a risk of weighing the hair down which instead can minimize the volumizing effect.

Hair spray

Once you’ve styled your hair as desired the best way to maintain the look is by finishing off by using a fixing hairspray. Choose your hairspray based on how you want your hair to look and feel. For example, if you want to create airy New Year's curls you should choose a hairspray with a lighter hold. If you’re instead going for a tight bun a more fixating hairspray is recommended.

Just Right Hairspray is a fixing hairspray that creates perfect long-lasting medium hold while building volume, reducing frizz and adding shine. The spray is easy to brush out and doesn’t leave any product residue, which leaves the hair shiny without making it either feel or look stiff. It’s a product that you also can use during styling. A hack is to apply spray on each section of the hair before curling it for a longer-lasting result.

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