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Ultimate Experience Curler

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The Ultimate Experience Curler is specially designed with an ergonomic L-shape, a 90-degree angle, to provide a comfortable grip and make curling your own hair an effortless experience. It’s equipped with Air Fresh Flow technology to gently blow cold air to fixate your hair after styling. The result is beautiful curls that are bouncier and last longer. With advanced technology and ceramic coating, the curler removes static hair, adds shine and makes your hair soft and supple. The extra long cord of 3 meters gives freedom of movement to make styling easier. Ultimate Experience products are high quality and created to give you the same professional experience as in our salons – but at home.

Heat Styling Protection


Remember to apply Björn Axén Heat Styling Protection before using any heat styling tools, to protect your hair from damage.


• Ergonomic L-shape makes it easy to curl your own hair

• Air Fresh Flow technology gently blows cold air and minimizes damage

• Ceramic coating removes static hair, adds shine and softens hair

• Extra long cord of 3 meters