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Bok Björn Axén Haute Coiffure - Swedish

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This exclusive visual book tells the story of Björn Axén, recounting how a passionate boy from Lidköping laid the foundation for a hair empire like no other. He was the king of hairdressers, the Queen's favorite and the master of tiara combing – and he brought glamor to Sweden in the 1960s. The book also contains the story of how his two young heirs to the hairdressing throne, Johan Hellström and Peter Hägelstam, joined forces and managed against all odds to take the well-established Björn Axén brand to new heights. The book is also a declaration of love to an art form, as well as a hymn to a profession that is about the joy of creating well-being through beauty.

Welcome to Björn Axén's universe – a world of incomparable glamour, glowing passion and incomparable craftsmanship.

Author: Susanna Strömquist