Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week SS23

Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week for Spring/Summer 2023 has come to an end. But before we start looking forward to next season, we’ve talked about trends with our Artistic Director Jack Lawrence. He reveals which hairstyle from Fashion Week he predicts will be one of the biggest trends this year and shares how you easily can create the look at home. 

How was Paris Fashion Week? 

– Haute couture week SS23 was an amazing experience. It’s one of the biggest fashion weeks so the expectations for the shows were high and you could feel the vibes throughout the entire city. Our team was in Paris to style the hair for Stéphane Rolland's show, and I believe that we managed to create something special. A show that many will not forget, with beautiful clothes, beautiful models and of course beautiful hair.

Which were the prominent hair trends during fashion week? 

– I think spring and summer trends are usually livelier and more fun. The seasons change, which is not only reflected in the clothes, but also in the hair and makeup. There’s a transformation where things go from being a bit darker and deeper to something new. For Stéphane Rolland's show, we focused on creating wet look hairstyles which is are of the prominent hair trends. A trend that I predict will be big during spring and summer 2023. 

Why do you think the wet look will be one of the biggest trends? 

– Wet look hairstyles translate the feeling you get when getting out of a pool or the ocean and setting your hair back. It’s a trend that fits the narrative of summer, and it’s also very beautiful. It’s a versatile look, as long as the hair looks wet, you can have any hairstyle. 
Can you tell us more about the styling that you did for Stéphane Rolland’s show? 

– Depending on the model's hair quality, length and clothes we created different looks. On the models with longer hair, we created hairstyles that almost looked like a waterfall. Two other styles that we did were the back slick and classic chignon. Common to all styles was the expression of wet hair and details that imitated the movement of water. 


How can you create the trendy wet look at home? 

– The products are most important, as long as you use the correct products it’s very easy. For Stéphane Rolland’s show, we mixed our Salt Water Gel and Argan Oil Smooth Cream. This gave the hair a wet finish and made it easy to shape without feeling sticky. When doing it at home, start by blending a 50/50 mixture in your hand or in a bowl and apply it in damp hair. Style your hair as desired and then gently dry it. When the hair has dried, finish off by spraying Just Right Hairspray all over the entire hair to keep the style in place and add some extra shine. 

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