Cleansing and moisturizing form the basis of an effective hair care routine.

Cleansing is the first step in an effective hair care routine. In this step, the focus is primarily on removing dirt, product residues and any skin deposits on the scalp. A step that will not only give you clean and fresh hair, but also better conditions for healthy hair.
Moisturize your hair with a hair mask and conditioner to strengthen your hair from the inside. Also, make sure you massage the moisturizing products right into the scalp to keep the scalp healthy as well. This will both prevent scalp problems and also help produce healthier hair.

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Prepare your hair with products that protect against heat and that will help you succeed with your styling.

In step 2 you prepare your hair for long lasting styling and prevent damage. A damp hair makes your hair more receptive and ready to absorb the product functions. This is the step where you create volume, define natural curls or smooth the hair. Apply the products to clean, towel-dried hair and let dry naturally or blow dry as desired. Also don't forget to apply heat protection which is an absolute must in everyone's hair wardrobe, even if you only add heat to your hair when you blow dry it. Regardless of how often you blow-dry, curl or straighten your hair, make sure to always protect it from heat.

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With the help of the right products, it is easy and fun to achieve a stylish styling that also lasts.

The styling is the last step in the hair routine where products that help you preserve your newly styled hairstyle. Choose products based on how you want your hair to look and feel, for example if you want a soft and natural look or a high gloss and sleek result. Just like in the previous steps, you can mix and match products based on your needs and your hair type.

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