Answers to common questions asked before salon visits

Have you forgotten your password for the online booking system? Would you like to find out if our stylists are licensed, or which colour treatment you should choose? Here you will find the answers to most of your questions.

I have forgotten my password for the online booking system

The easiest way to reset your password is by clicking the link below.

Reset password

If you have forgotten which email address you used when you created your account, please feel free to call us on +46 8 545 27 350 and we will be happy to help.

What is your cancellation policy?

If you need to cancel a hair appointment, you must do so no later than 24 hours before the scheduled time. You will be charged in full if you miss an appointment without having cancelled in advance. The easiest way to cancel or rebook is via our online service. You can also call us on +46 8 545 27 350 or send an email to

What colour treatment should I book?

We offer the following treatments: full head bleach, toner, advanced colour, highlights/lowlights, and root touch up. All colour treatments are available with or without a cutting service.

Full head bleach
A full head bleach is when we bleach all of your hair. You can choose between full head bleach for long hair (hair below the shoulders) or short hair (hair above the shoulders or regrowth of more than 3cm). You should book a consultation before booking your first full head bleach.

Demi-permanent color
Toning involves placing the same colour all over your hair. It will gradually fade with washing but might not wash out completely. Keep in mind that a toner cannot lighten your hair.

Advanced colour
Choose advanced colour if you want to colour all of your hair or try out different colour effects.

You can choose highlights or lowlights, either with or without foils. We also offer balayage – a technique where we hand paint your highlights.

Root touch up
A root touch up is when we colour or tone any root regrowth that is 3cm or less. If your regrowth is longer than 3cm, you will need to choose either full head bleach or advanced colour. Please book the highlights/lowlights service for foils/balayage.

Unsure about what to choose? Contact us on +46 8 545 27 350 and we will be happy to help.

When should I book a root touch up?

A root touch up is when we colour or tone any root regrowth up to a maximum of 3cm. If your regrowth is longer than 3cm, you will need to choose full head bleach for short hair. Please book the highlights/lowlights service for foils/balayage.

Do I need to book full head bleach for short hair or long hair?

If your hair is below your shoulders, you need to book full head bleach for long hair. If your hair is above your shoulders, or if you just want to bleach regrowth that is longer than 3cm, choose full head bleach for short hair. You should book a consultation before booking your first full head bleach.

What should I think about before getting my hair coloured?

When you come to the salon for a colour treatment, there is a slight risk that the dye might end up somewhere it shouldn’t. We will always do everything we can to protect your clothes, but it is still a good idea to wear something you are not worried about getting colour on – just in case.

What´s the difference between a Hot and a Cold hair relaxer?

A Hot hair relaxer requires hot tools/straightener together with chemicals which leaves a straight and permanent result. A Cold hair relaxer is done with chemicals but without hot tools/straightener. It straightens out prominent curls and tames frizz, making your hair easier to manage.

Is a wash included when I book an appointment for an up-do?

No. This is because it’s harder for a hairdresser to create an up-do on freshly washed hair. We recommend that you wash your hair in the morning on the same day, or the evening before and avoid using styling products. Your hair needs to be dry when you visit us.

Of course we are happy to help if you were unable to wash your hair at the right time – but please mention this when you book as it means your appointment will take longer. Please note that the price may also be affected.

When should I book a consultation?

You will need to book a consultation before several of our treatments. This is to make sure that the results fully meet your expectations, and so we can ensure that your hair will be able to undergo treatment without being damaged. You should book a consultation before the following treatments: full head bleach, perm, chemical straightening, bridal make up, bridal up-do, and extensions.

A consultation is also a good idea if you’re in the mood for a completely new style – so you can discuss your ideas with your hairdresser.

The cost of your consultation is always deducted from the cost of your final treatment.

What should I think about before an up-do?

If you have booked an up-do appointment, we recommend that you wear something you can easily take off without needing to pull your clothes over your head. This way you won’t risk spoiling the style when you get changed. To achieve the best possible results, your hair should be washed and dry before you arrive.

Should I choose tape or keratin extensions?

At Björn Axén, we offer both tape and keratin extensions using the finest quality human hair. You will be able to blow dry and heat style your hair as normal. We always use “temple hair” or European hair from Hair Talk, Richy Hair and Great Lengths.

If you are booking hair extensions for the first time, we kindly ask that you come in for a consultation. We need to take a look at your hair so we can order extensions that best match the results and shade you want to achieve and decide on the best method for attaching them.

Extensions are perfect if you want longer or thicker hair, or if you would like to extend the length of a part of your hair such as your fringe. They are also a great way to add a pop of colour that may otherwise be unachievable with your own hair.

What’s the difference between the level of stylist?

There are five levels of stylist at our salons. Below you can read more about each type.

Many of our trainees have been educated at the Björn Axén Academy or our partner organisation Svenska Frisörskolan. They are now building up their professional speed and experience. A trainee is always under the instruction of a supervisor who can help out if necessary. Our trainees are highly skilled, and you are in good hands – but sometimes your treatment may take a little longer.

Junior Hairdresser
Our Junior Hairdressers are often graduates of the Björn Axén Academy and have completed our 1-year hairdresser training. They are now Björn Axén salon employees and have mastered all the skills of the profession. Our Junior Hairdressers are working towards their journeyman certificate and building up the work hours necessary to gain full professional experience. All of our Junior Hairdressers are licensed.

The majority of Björn Axén stylists are Hairdressers. They are experienced and have mastered all the hairdressing techniques. Before coming to work as a Björn Axén Hairdresser, they must successfully pass a series of professional tests.

Top Stylist & Senior Top Stylist
After several years of professional experience and employment with Björn Axén, hairdressers can become Top Stylists. This means that they are highly experienced and have incredible professional knowledge. Senior Top Stylist is the ultimate Björn Axén title. This is awarded to exceptional, outstanding professionals. Hairdressers cannot apply for any of these titles, instead they are awarded by the company’s CEO and creative directors.

Are all of your hairdressers licensed?

Of course! All hairdressers receive a licence when they have completed examinations or been awarded their journeyman certificate. Rest assured that a licensed hairdresser is highly trained and knows everything they need to know about hairdressing. Read more about the hairdresser licence here.

I have forgotten who did my hair last time

Contact us via or call +46 8 545 27 350 and we will get back to you with the name of the stylist who did your hair last time.

Is a wash included in my treatment?

It depends on what you booked – but washes are included with most treatments. Unfortunately, they are not included in up-do appointments, freshen ups, fringe trims and quick fixes.

Why can’t I book all treatments online?

You can book most treatments online. However, it might be difficult to estimate the time it will take for some treatments as these are often based on your hair, for example perms or extensions. You can’t book freshen ups or fringe trims online, as we need to manually check which times are available. Call us on +46 8 545 27 350 to book.

What should I do if I’m not happy with the results?

We want to make sure you are always 100% happy with your product or salon treatment – this is our customer satisfaction guarantee! We place a lot of emphasis on your initial consultation before your salon treatment to ensure that the results fully meet your expectations. If for any reason you are unhappy with your hair, you are welcome to come back to us within two weeks and we will do our best to help you. Call us on +46 8 545 27 350 and we will tell you more.

What colour brand do you use at your salons?

We use L’Oréal Professionnel

Can you visit me at home?

Yes, we can. Contact us in good time and we can get back to you with prices and booking. Call us on +46 8 545 27 350 and we will tell you more.


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