Color Psychology with Sara Garanty

Colors can have different effects on us and help us in many ways. For example, some colors can increase our ability to concentrate, while others can help us become more creative or reduce our stress levels. We met with color expert Sara Garanty while she dyed her hair in our salon. This is what she had to say about the different properties of colors and how we can use them in everyday life to increase our well-being.

How do colors affect our well-being?

Color consists of light in different wavelengths, which is made up of energy. When the light reaches our eyes, it triggers the release of a chemical transmitter that initiates electrical messages that are transmitted to the brain and eventually to the hypothalamus. The hypothalamus is the part of the brain that, together with the pituitary gland, controls our metabolism, body temperature, fluid balance, sleep, and the autonomic nervous system. This means that color is so much more than just visual stimulation, it creates physiological changes and emotional experiences that affect us both consciously and unconsciously.

How can we use colors in our everyday lives to positively influence ourselves? You have recently dyed your hair pink, have you noticed if the color has had any effect on you and the people around you?

If we learn about colors and become aware of the essence that each color emits, it becomes easier to understand which colors we should surround ourselves with to achieve desired results and moods. For example, green is calming, orange makes us more creative, and yellow is a good focus color when we’re studying or need to absorb a lot of information. Usually, we need different colors at different times in our lives. I like to talk about color from a health and consciousness perspective, a knowledge that we can benefit from in everyday life. Why not use this simple but seemingly forgotten knowledge when choosing clothes, home decor, notebooks or even hair color? With increased understanding of the magic of colors, you can use them to create more magical moments in your life and for those around you.


You have recently dyed your hair pink, have you noticed if the color has had any effect on you and the people around you?

I love my pink hair and I’ve noticed that others seem to become happier when they see me which is a great feeling. It’s a lovely and positive color that dissolves blockages, making people more positive which I believe is much needed in times like these.


Which are your 3 favorite colors and what impacts do they have?

My favorite colors are purple, pink, and orange, which I also have in my hair right now. These three colors represent joy, creativity, mischief, but also deeper spirituality which I believe suits me very well.


Would you like to try any other hair colors in the future?

Yes, I would love to try other colors too, perhaps purple or turquoise. They feel like fresh colors to try this spring as they stand for change.


Are there any colors that one should avoid?

No, there are no bad color choices but rather bad color choices in regards to different situations. I usually say that since colors influence our emotional state, I use different colors for various occasions and when I need certain types of energies in my life.


Red: energy, strength and passion.
Orange: creativity and social skills.
Yellow: self-confidence and optimism.
Green: calmness and harmony.
Blue: communication and honesty.
Turquoise: change.
Pink: love, friendship, awareness, openness and happiness.
Purple: spirituality.


Learning about colors and their meanings is a great life hack when you want to boost a certain area of your life, and it isn’t difficult to learn. Just like when we need more exercise, sleep, or nutrition, we need to learn how to calibrate the time we spend with different colors to absorb their healing properties.

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