Now Björn Axén is launching Signature, an entirely new professional product line with ten unique and exclusive products. Signature is a tribute to the iconic hairdresser Björn Axén, and therefore each product carries his signature. It's a product line created for everyone that shares Björn's passion for hair care, who wants the best quality and does not settle for less. 

The essence of that quality has been developed and created during the years within the company, since 1984 when Björn launched his first products until today. It's in the craftsmanship and high skills of Björn Axén's hairdressers and their shared passion for haircare. It's in the will to constantly improve the know-how and product development. It's in the moment between the hairdresser and the customer. Defining a certain standard. Sharing the same inner values and reaching extraordinary results.  


-     When we developed Signature, we asked ourselves, if Björn had still been with us today, what would be the prerequisite for him to put his signature on a new product line? We know that he would have demanded that all the knowledge we have today about what great quality is would have to be put into that bottle. The high quality was a standard for him, Johan Hellström, owner of Björn Axén, explains.


In addition to finding the perfect formula for the content in the products, it is of extreme importance to find solutions with a high environmentally friendly standard in everything regarding production, choice of packaging material, transport, and how the products are recycled. 


- Signature is a meticulously researched and developed product line that has been given the time to fully mature without taking any shortcuts. It does not compromise on either function nor care of the hair. As soon as you experience the unique scent of the products, you understand that it has been carefully developed to perfectly harmonize with the feeling of the product, Peter Hägelstam, royal hairdresser and owner of Björn Axén, expresses. 

The Signature product line consists of ten products divided into three different categories – cleansing and hydrating, styling for wet hair, and styling for dry hair. The process of developing the scent was similar to the method used to create exclusive fragrances, and each product name clearly indicate what the products are for. Together, they make up the perfect foundation of the ultimate hair product wardrobe.  


-     We are confident that Björn would want to put his signature on Signature, Johan Hellström says with a smile. 

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