Three reasons why you should wash your hair after every workout

We have become increasingly aware of the benefits associated with living a healthy and active lifestyle. However, a lot of exercise leads to many showers which could have a negative impact on our skin and hair. A frequently asked question that we usually get is: do I have to wash my hair after every workout? And the answer is simply yes, but with correct haircare products that do not strain your hair or scalp. Here are three reasons why you should wash your hair after every workout:






1. Harmful bacteria are gathered in the hair and scalp if not washed after working out.


2. Filthy hair can lead to persistent problems with itching and dandruff.


3. If we go too long with sweaty hair, especially if it is set in a tassle, the scalp is not able to breathe or properly dry which can lead to fungal infections

One of the main reasons why people are hesitant towards washing their hair after every workout is because they worry that regular washes will lead to problems with oily scalp. This is not necessarily the case as it can be avoided given that you use the correct haircare products. The trick is to choose moisturizing haircare products that gently cleanses both the hair and scalp.

Björn Axén Sport is a haircare series especially developed for people living an active lifestyle. The product line consists of haircare products containing peppermint oil and organic tea tree oil, soothing oils that gently and thoroughly cleanses both the hair and scalp. Ideal products for those wishing to refresh their hair in between workouts without compromising the health of the hair





The Sport series consists of shampoo, conditioner and a completely new type of gel. A salt water gel that is applicable in damp hair, making it easier to style immediately after the shower. Three dermatologically tested and vegan-friendly products that should be essential in every gym bag.

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