Take extra care of your hair after the summer holidays

The summertime is wonderful in many ways, but the sun and a lot of swimming can damage your strands. Therefore, it’s probably more important than ever to nourish and care for your hair after the summer holidays. Here are our best tips on how to take care of your hair now that the summer is coming to an end.

Trimming your ends will make your hair look better, and most importantly help you maintain healthy strands. Therefore, our first tip is that you trim your hair after the holidays. It’s a great way to prevent breakage and further damage caused by the sun and water.

Now is also a good time to evaluate the hair care products that you regularly use and perhaps change them accordingly to your hair needs. During the summertime many suffer from dry hair due to the heat and a tip is to ensure that you use nourishing and hydrating products. Our Repair range is a great example of products that will repair your strands while boosting them with nourishment and moisture.

It's also important to use hair masks now. Use the mask approximately once a week and replace your regular mask with Color Refresh Treatment if you have colored hair. It’s the perfect product that will freshen up your hair color and help you get rid of unwanted tones of for example orange or yellow. 

Maybe it's time for a new look? Autumn is approaching and many people feel like making a change. If you have bleached or very light-colored hair you might want to go for a darker color, a great tip if you don’t want to wear out your hair as much. Book an appointment at one of our salons and we’ll help you out with your new look.

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