Life at Björn Axén - Hanna Agén, Top Stylist

When did your hairdressing career begin?
I basically grew up in a salon since my mother is a hairdresser as well. Therefore, it’s always been clear to me that I would follow in her footsteps one day, working and creating with my hands. I’ve been hairdressing for 14 years now and I’ve worked at Björn Axén for the past 5 years. A decision that I’ve never regretted, not even for a second! It’s a great work environment where I’m always greeted by wonderful customers, colleagues and managers.

What is the best thing about working at Björn Axén?
I love the fact that there are no identical days and that I never know what to expect when I go to work in the mornings. Working at Björn Axén also provides me with the tools and possibilities to be creative and to highlight the unique features of every customer. To me, that’s very rewarding!

But the best thing about working at Björn Axén is probably the visits from my regular customers and being able to help them increase their well-being. I receive so much wonderful energy in return and learn many new things from them as well. Thanks to my customers, padel has become a huge interest of mine. In this way, my customers have also contributed to increase my well-being and it’s so much fun that we now share this common interest.

Have you ever had your hairdressing skills put to the test during your career?
One customer that I will never forget is a man who really did put my skills to the test. My former colleagues still laugh at me when we talk about the tourist who came to the salon and asked me to completely transform his hair, dyeing his jet black hair into cornflower blue. This was early on in my career, and it was a complicated process to turn his hair into the exact shade of blue he wished for. It took 8 hours and I’ve never been more nervous in my entire life!

As a hairdresser you’re an expert on hair care, how do you take care of your own hair?
It’s really important to care for your hair using the right products. Therefore, I always make sure to include good products in my hair care routine, which are suited to my needs and the result that I want to achieve. I carefully follow each step in my routine to ensure a long lasting result.

First, I start off by washing my hair with cold water, a trick that prevents it from drying out. I like it when my hair is voluminous and love the smell of our new hair care series Signature, therefore I frequently use The Volume Shampoo and The Volume Conditioner. I also use The Styling Cream from the same series, a product that I apply all over my hair while it’s still damp, to strengthen and protect my strains from heat damage.

Then I usually apply some Volume Mousse onto my roots before I blow-dry my hair from underneath to give it some extra volume. When styling my hair, I usually use a curling iron or a straightener to achieve a beautiful look before lastly finishing off by spraying Fixing Hairspray all over my hair. The Fixing Hairspray is my absolute favorite product and a spray that I frequently use on my customers. What I like about it is that it’s dry, easy to brush out and can be reapplied the next day without making the hair feel coarse or heavy.

What are your three best tips for a healthy and great-looking hair this summer?

Three simple but important tips that I’m glad to share are:
1.     Take care of your hair while it’s still healthy.
2.     Show your hair some extra love with the right hair care products.
3.     Don’t forget to wear your sun hat when going to the beach.

Name: Hanna Agén

Age: 33 years 

Title: Top Stylist  

Salon: Norrlandsgatan 7 

Book: Here

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