3 ways to become more environmentally friendly

We strongly believe in the importance of caring for and protecting the environment. Therefore, we’ve listed three easy things that you can do to contribute to a better environment and a more sustainable consumption of hair care and styling products.

Be kind to both your wallet and the environment by ensuring that you use your products correctly. Think about how much of the product you use in your hair and adjust the amount according to recommendations. Did you know that you should only use about a teaspoon of shampoo when washing your hair? That’s the proper amount, but make sure that you shampoo your hair at least twice to get rid of all the dirt and any product residue.

Also make sure that you use up your existing products before buying new ones. A simple hack is to fill your almost empty bottles of shampoo and conditioner with water to get out the last residues while you’re in the shower. Although, if you have any products that you don't want or can't use for any reason, think about the water environment and dispose of it in the household waste. It’s better for the environment to incinerate such waste rather than to flush it down the drain. However, products that count as hazardous waste, such as your empty aerosol cans, must be handed in at a recycling station.

Our last tip is to give away products that you don't use. If you, for example, have any shampoo, hair oil or hair spray that doesn't suit you for some reason, you can give it to a friend. A tip that both cares for the environment and is an easy way to spread joy.

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