how to style short hair

This is a simple style for short hair. Do you have thick, perhaps somewhat uncontrollable, hair? Then this is the video for you!



Susanna’s thick hair tends to have lots of volume and be a little dry, so we’re using Organic Universal Styling Cream mixed with a little Organic Caring Hair Oil. Combine them in your hands and apply to damp hair.

Then blow dry, in different directions, while brushing with the Detangling Brush. To make styling easier, we use a heated tool – the Magic Style Brush, which is a hot brush that doesn’t blow air. Go through all your hair, section by section, and brush in the direction you want the hair to go. Don’t take too much at one time and always roll the brush so that the hair is smooth all the way to the ends.

Finish off by brushing with the Detangling Brush, then use Matt Wax for hold and definition and finish off with Megafix Hairspray to keep the style in place.    


Detangling Brush   

Organic Caring Hair Oil

Matt Wax 

Organic Universal Styling Cream

Megafix Hairspray    

Magic Style Brush    (Sold in Sweden only)