Collection spring/summer 2015 - hidden gems

This spring’s collection builds on the idea of hair as the ultimate accessory. We take inspiration from how sneakers can enhance a whole outfit but also give it a laid back and cool contrast that can otherwise be hard to achieve.

We’re also looking at lines, details and colour variations from the sneakersphere. The range is endless! Everything from calm and sophisticated to more extreme textures and forms.

Softer parts of the cuts meet harder, more graphic lines. The styling is done with wet textures and a lot of movement.

Colours are nude, neutral tones with splashes of effect colour in some cuts and updos. We are also working with synthetic colours, generally in full colour. Here the palette takes on deeper jewel-like pink, blue and green tones.

The updos tie in to the idea of hair as a form of expression that is made to be seen and to have an emotional impact. We have also focused on the boundless innovation and desire to experiment found in the world of sneakers.

/Björn Axén Artistic Team

The Crew: Hair and ideas: Christian Backman, Anna Källsen Samuelsson, Marlene Nilsson and Peter Hägelstam from the Björn Axén Artistic Team

Photography: Leonard Gren

Make up: Jenny Karlsson, Björn Axén

Styling: Gorjan Lauseger

Film team: Cloud Production

Models: Amanda/GMS (Synk), Clara/no agency, Elsa/Nouveau, Johanna/GMS (Synk), Anna/Zap, Oscar/Nouveau, Oskari/Nisch