Like a painting. Flowers and ribbons accentuate the hairstyle, with the colours creating a harmonious, beautiful contrast against the dark hair.

Foto: Sandra Myhrberg, Wenngarn Castle 2017

The hair is divided into sections on the sides and then braided. All these braids are worked into a larger braid that is inverted all the way down. Bring the ribbon into the braid and then position the flowers where they look best. Attach with hairpins.

Headbands and ribbons wound around the head are a popular trend, either with a more Antique, Greek feeling or more cowgirl style. Choose according to your mood and taste. Make your own headband using fine velvet ribbon and stick on real flowers.

The makeup has a slightly Asian touch with blossomy rouge high on the cheeks and lips without sharply defined contours.

Flowers 2017/18