Asian influences in an entirely new form. Hellebores in muted colours provide accents and the floating, twig-shaped black wires give the hairstyle a cool feel.


Foto: Sandra Myhrberg, Wenngarn Castle 2017

The hair is divided into sections on the sides and tightly braided; the hair on top of the head is divided into three pony tails as foundations for the hairstyle. The braids on the sides are plaited into the larger braids on top. The fringe is braided at the front and laid backwards, then the braid continues with the next braid, and so on. Form loops of the braids to create the right shape. End with a backcombed ponytail.

The makeup has a slightly Asian touch with blossomy rouge high on the cheeks and lips without sharply defined contours.

You can make your own “twigs” of black steel wire and attach flowers to them. Position them in the braided style to accentuate it.

Flowers 2017/18