Collection sPRING/sUMMER 2014 - day gathering

Graphic lines were created in the updo’s, with unexpected directions in the tight hair pads and surprising details that capture the gaze two-dimensionally. The observer is also pulled into a fantastic collage in the third dimension. The carefully planned sections create a pattern that feels advanced, luxurious and exciting, without feeling stiff or hard to wear.

The cuts are based on an androgynous expression, with longer sideburns and blunt fringes. The outer lines are hard and a little edgy and, as the styling is soft and flexible, there is a cool contrast.

The “blushing” colouring technique is inspired by how a rouge or eye shadows work and are used. In the collection, this method has been used to accent particular parts of a hairstyle, both with a more subtle feeling and with a clean edge as the starting point. Visible gradients are used, but in some cases the technique has been used as part of a highlight or a shadow.

The rich range of wild fur found in nature is an almost infinite source of inspiration for colouring techniques, on both long and short hair. “Fur” can be divided into three layers or only used on the ends, and the colours can be natural or completely contrasting with the use of accents. The technique creates depth and movement that brings vitality to the hairstyle.

Find inspiration and challenge yourself!

Hair and idea: Peter Hägelstam, Petra Lundin, Anna Källsen Samuelsson, Linda van Doorn and Sofia Geideby from the Björn Axén Artistic Team

Photo: Leonard Gren

Make up: Jenny Karlsson Björn Axén

Styling: Gorjan Lauseger

Models: Minou and Nathalie/Nisch Management, Axel and Anna Maria/Stockholmsgruppen, Elisabeth/Nouveau Models, Sonja/no agency