Collection autumn/Winter 2014 - sunday blue

This year’s collection presents colours that are inspired by the veins in marble and the grain of trees. Soft tones with elements of blue, metallic, violet, pink and aubergine, preferably with accent colours in brighter, more artificial shades.

In the updos we play with pads in irreverent positions. The hairstyles have a sense of timeless elegance, but a new generation is created using shapes in radical positions. We allow ourselves to experiment with sizes and structures. Distinct partings create dividing lines and additions built using hair extensions provide decoration and attitude. 

In the cuts, it is the accents that make a statement! Details are cut into the lengths or hairline. The hairstyles have a classical foundation, the styling is nonchalant and careless. We work with clear, sharp lines that create a layered pattern, or we take the eye-catching liberty of reshaping the hairline.

/Björn Axén Artistic Team

The Crew:

Hair and idea: Peter Hägelstam, Petra Lundin, Anna Källsen Samuelsson and Alina Balogh from the Björn Axén Artistic Team

Photographer: Leonard Gren
Make up: Jenny Karlsson, Björn Axén
Styling: Gorjan Lauseger och Petra Thoms
Models: Susanna/Nouveau, Claes/Nisch Managment, Emil/Nouveau, Ingrid/Synk Casting, Gillian/Zap Models, Clara/no agency, Amanda/Nouveau