we know hair

In 1963, top Swedish hairdresser Björn Axén founded his company with the aim of offering the absolute best in hair care. After Björn passed away, two of Sweden’s very best hairdressers, Johan Hellström and Peter Hägelstam, took over the company.


The heritage of craftsmanship and knowledge, combined with bringing out the best in every customer and offering perfect solutions in both products and services, has meant that we now have/are:


• Internationally award-winning salons

• Scandinavia’s leading hairdressing academy

• Purveyor to the Court

• Sweden’s strongest hair care brand


It is natural for us to be humble, service-focused and make the most of each customer’s individuality. With us, you are the centre of attention. We don’t just sell haircuts and hair care products, we also sell increased self-confidence and wellbeing.




50 years of hairstyling heritage, knowledge and true craftsmanship in combination with the latest expertise within research and development



Specifically tailored to meet special hair needs of the truly quality conscious customer. The key to healthy hair is a healthy scalp



High-end products with a perfect balance of sophisticated ingredients for highest levels of performance




We have five salons in Sweden, of which four are in Stockholm and one in Gothenburg.


Björn Axén salons focus on a relaxing salon environment, with a spacious feel. The concept is distinguished by a classic style with a high degree of fashion.     


“We’ve succeeded in our work when a customer stands up a little straighter and feels more self-assured. We don’t just

sell haircuts, we also sell increased self-confidence and well-being”


product line

Our products are created in partnership with our hairdressers, customers and test groups, this process begins when we need a product or have an idea for a new product. We examine the idea, put chemists to work and test the product for around a year before it is launched.


Our salons use only the best and most successful hair care products from world-leading hair care companies, and from Björn Axén. All the products that are used in treatments are also for sale, so that you can continue looking after your hair at home in the best way possible.


At Björn Axén we are very proud of our own products and believe that the key to healthy hair is a healthy scalp. This is why we have produced a hair care series with specially selected ingredients.       



Björn Axén Classical line  

Accessible luxury

Björn Axén launched his own hair care series in 1984, which was designed to care for the hair and scalp. Years of knowledge and commitment have meant that we create hair care products that are absolutely world class. By being humble and learning from our customers, we have developed a high-class specialist series for different hair needs and styling, always with ingredients that focus on hair and scalp care. For us, it is about so much more than the products. They are an extension into your home from our professional hairdressers, so that you can treat yourself to the luxury that your hair needs.

Björn Axén creates luxurious hair care for the best results, with the perfect balance of carefully selected ingredients.        






Everything that is delivered in Björn Axén’s name shall breathe humbleness, knowledge and ambition. After two years at the Björn Axén Academy, our students are ready for the job market – and they take these three key words with them, wherever they work.


Björn Axén has worked with hairdresser courses in Stockholm for almost 50 years. The strength of our brand means that we can’t afford to train poor craftsmen, so in 2004 we founded the Björn Axén Academy. Through the solid expertise found there, we are able to pass on the skills and knowledge of the craft to our students, providing a broad education. Many of our excellent teachers have won awards for their professional expertise, both in Sweden and internationally!


On our hairdressing courses we are responsible for training our students in everything from permanent straightening to bridal updos. The Björn Axén Academy continually adapts its courses, both in the form of instruction and content, so that students can feel confident that they have mastered the latest hairdressing techniques, as well as the timeless classics. We also have make-up and extensions on the schedule.        


We also have a large range of shorter courses at the Björn Axén Academy, aimed at professional hairdressers. They include a range of CPD courses, getting-started courses and styling courses. It is also possible to tailor-make courses for individuals and salons.


The Björn Axén Academy provides training that is approved by the Swedish National Agency for Education/Swedish National Agency for Higher Vocational Education. It is also approved by Sveriges Frisörföretagare (SFF – Association of Swedish Hairdressing Businesses) and the Swedish Union of Commercial Employees. It is also possible to apply for a grant for our hairdressing course via CSN (Swedish student aid).




Björn Axén Tools

Peter Hägelstam, Creative Director at Björn Axén, had the idea for our first styling tool, Volumaster, when he was working at the major fashion shows in New York. Many of the top Afro-American models had straightened hair, and he saw how their hair gained an attractive lift from the scalp when their natural hair started growing out.


His stay in New York led to a long process back in Sweden, developing the best styling tool for lasting volume in all types of hair. This process ended in 2001 and the Volumaster was born!


Volumaster is now patented and, in just a few seconds, creates increased volume in your hair by giving it a gentle crimp closest to the scalp. A simple action quickly gives your hair volume that lasts until the next wash. Volume is created closest to the scalp and it is there that the basis of your hairstyle is created. Volumaster works on all types of hair – the flatter the hair the bigger and fuller the result.


In 2007 a productive cooperation started with OBH Nordica which, like Björn Axén, is a dynamic company with high demands on the quality of its products. This collaboration has resulted in two upgraded versions of the Volumaster and a high class series of professional styling tools for home use. The focus is on high quality and smart details that create optimal conditions for maintaining your hairstyle, for daytime or evening. All the styling tools have an extra-long, rotating cable.